Open Pandora’s box…

KCUK:Interviews is a collective of interviews by creatives for creatives. Keep your eyes peeled for the next few weeks as we build up the site and bring you the goods 🙂 Check out the ‘About’ section for more information! Advertisements

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70s: Debbie Harry

From her statement platinum blonde hair, blue eyeshadow, thick eyeliner and pillar box red lips to her statement and trailblazing style, Debbie Harry is the Queen Bee of the music world. Her name is so recognizable and that is down to the great sounds of her’s and Chris Stein’s creativity coming together as one to […]

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The World of: Maria Rivans

Looking at up and coming artists; Maria Rivans is someone we are just loving right now! Brighton based, Rivans brings together portraits of Golden Hollywood Actresses and perfectly placed collage headpieces made up found imagery of nature and vintage trinkets and magazine cuts outs. Her inspiration for these beautiful pieces are drawn from the obvious Golden Hollywood […]

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This is how we dooo iiiiit…

Here at KCUK we are all about equality and over the next few weeks we will be praising social activists and cultural geniuses who have helped in these movements.  From musicians, to artists, trailblazers to modern day heroes, we want to give these ladies and gents a special thanks from us to you.

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90s: Liv Tyler

We are crushing on Liv Tyler this week, her 90’s style is unforgettable! If you haven’t seen Empire Records, we strongly recommend it! That checkered skirt, baby blue mohair jumper and combat boots is the go-to 90s statement outfit; mixing soft with strong ❤

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