Adrienne Salinger’s Teenage Bedrooms

Salinger’s series of teenage bedrooms brings us to the reality of how young people live; they are expressive, they are all about identity and we here at KCUK LOVE IT!

Lets not kid ourselves, we all know how culture can impact on our identity and help shape us into who we are. Sub cultures are still around but decades like the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s really had a pin in the situation and were trailblazers for the generations after each of the decades.

Salinger perfectly captures this in her series whilst a small piece on each of the guys and girls accompany the photographs. When you read the quotes, they give you that added context to emphasize the importance of this series, it brings together the rawness and realness of this series, for example. the picture below is of Fred. H, Salinger asked him what is was like where he lived and this is what he said:
” I grew up in a small town in Michigan, and there were only five black families. It was a lot easier to find out who was racist in Michigan because there were so many of them and so few of us that they’d be open about it. But because there are so many more blacks here, white people hide their racist feelings, and it’s more subtle…”

Check out Adrienne’s site for more:


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