70s: Debbie Harry

From her statement platinum blonde hair, blue eyeshadow, thick eyeliner and pillar box red lips to her statement and trailblazing style, Debbie Harry is the Queen Bee of the music world. Her name is so recognizable and that is down to the great sounds of her’s and Chris Stein’s creativity coming together as one to create Blondie.

debbie harry14

Although lets face it, Debbie made it her own, through the use of fashion, fierce attitude and sheer intelligence, she conquered the music world and is now one of the most respected artists of all time. She paved the way for artists such as, Shirely Mason from Garbage, Madonna, Karen O from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Joan Jett.

debbie harry1
Today we are here to celebrate Debbie Harry’s unforgettably cool style. She created this look from scratch with the help of Fashion Designer Stephen Sprouse. The incredible charm of Harry’s style was that she would incorporate thrift store threads with cut out dresses that gave a nod to the disco scene made by Sprouse.

She would go from masculine to feminine in a heart beat and pull it off, she would go for looks like double denim and stand with complete confidence, owning that stage. She is fearless and that is what the fashion world is all about; pushing the boundaries, being individual, not necessarily look at what is on trend but making something your own: That’s why Debbie Harry is the ultimate icon in music.

If you love her style why not go for the following:
Day look:
Oversized Blazer, Vintage Levis, Black Ankle Boots with a White T-shirt
Evening Look:
Cut-Out Shoulder Mini-Shirt Dress teamed with Thigh-High Black Boots & Leather Jacket

(All photography taken from Pinterest)


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