The World of: Maria Rivans

Looking at up and coming artists; Maria Rivans is someone we are just loving right now!

Brighton based, Rivans brings together portraits of Golden Hollywood Actresses and perfectly placed collage headpieces made up found imagery of nature and vintage trinkets and magazine cuts outs.

maria rivans

Her inspiration for these beautiful pieces are drawn from the obvious Golden Hollywood era, Hitchcock movies, Sci-fi movies and shows she watched as a child and these inspirations are very present. You can tell from the playfulness of her work that they bring an innocence which connects to the shows she watched as a child perhaps.

Hitchcock’s work played on the theory of the uncanny which in so many words means to take the usual and make it unusual or the something that is strangely familiar. Horror films are classic with this method but it is also seen within Fine Art and Rivans proves this by taking these illustrations and cuts out and perfectly placing them to become something they originally aren’t giving a twist to the original portraits of these stars.

Maria rivans 2
There’s something personally quite strange about the second piece shown, but that just might be my irrational fear of snakes (because I’ve only ever accounted two in my life and nothing bad happened BUT ANYWAY) which is the theory of the uncanny taking place right there!

The idea of repetition is also considered within the theory used by film makers such as Hitchcock, creating chaos through controlled environments and Rivans again has this idea down to a T.

maria rivans 4
Sci-fi is clearly present here as two different worlds are brought together; an alternate reality of fantasies channeling inspirations of surrealism and pop-art by introducing Hollywood stars but not quite as you know them and random but when placed, not so random cut outs, creating a world, (to be exact) Maria Rivans world.

maria rivans 1

The mixture between these different themes brings together something exciting and special that we here at KCUK love; its fun and beautiful and that’s what we are all about.

Check out the following links for more:
Maria Rivans Website
Buy Maria Rivans Artwork
Maria Rivans Instagram

(All photographs were taken from Art Republic& Saatchi Art)


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